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Help you achieve your fitness, strength & weight loss goals quicker than you would on your own with a personalised structure proven to improve fitness, health, strength, posture, happiness & wellbeing.

  • Personal Training

    Personalised Training structured around you & how you feel on the day. We train in our own bubble where you can focus, let off steam, train hard, learn, progress, chat, swim.....

  • Leaner Lifestyle Cook Books

    We also create amazing cook books with recipes to change your life. Leaner Lifestyle Cook Books are included in the personal training to provide calorie guidance to clients who want to lose weight..

Are you looking for a leaner lifestyle?

Our unique approach to slowing things down and focus on better movements, posture, muscle control, better & noticeable results.

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About us

Andrew Gordon is a qualified personal trainer who has both a freestyle and structured approach to personal training.

Andrew Gordon is a qualified personal trainer with a down to earth,
positive style of training

Andrew Gordon is 46 years old and has been involved in the fitness industry from a food angle for the last 5 years in the supply of lean and healthy meats to athletes, personal trainers, gym owners, health conscious people........and generally people who enjoy high quality.

In 2017, he retrained as a personal trainer to follow his strong interests in fitness beyond the food scene and has now incorporated the food experience with personal training to publish a range of cook books with calorie counted recipes to keep clients in a good place with their food.

He is a qualified personal trainer who has both a freestyle and structured approach to personal training.

Andrew is unique because he slows things down and focus on proper movement, posture, muscle control, better results.


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Personal Training with The Lean Trainer


Get 15% Off when you pay 3 months up front.

Leaner Lifestyle 1

1 session per week
£ 135

Recurring Monthly

Leaner Lifestyle 2

2 sessions per week
£ 235

Recurring Monthly


Leaner Lifestyle 3

3 sessions per week
£ 335

Recurring Monthly

Leaner Lifestyle 1

1 session per week
£ 345

Recurring Quarterly

Leaner Lifestyle 2

1 sessions per week
£ 595

Recurring Quarterly


Leaner Lifestyle 3

3 sessions per week
£ 855

Recurring Quarterly

Leaner Lifestyle Online

Monthly updated training plan
£ 129

Recurring Monthly

All of our Fitness Plans include:

Personalised Training Programme (updated monthly)

Meal Planning & Weight Loss Advice

Digital Workouts on your phone/tablet

100 Recipe Leaner Lifestyle Cook Book

Progress Tracker & Weekly Check-in

Easy to pay with PayPal

1, 2 or 3 sessions per week options

Exclusive Online Meat/Fish Discount

Food Diary Analysis

My-Fitness-Pal Link Up

24/7 Text Support (Reply within 24hrs)

*Not sure which pricing plan's right for you? You can switch plans any time you need

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before kickstarting your new healthier lifestyle.

How do I pay?

We accept all of our payments through PayPal, including credit cards, Visa debit cards and of course PayPal transactions. PayPal is secure and it only takes minutes to pay. You can check out PayPals security information.

Can you help me lose weight?

YES - Our Leaner Lifestyle Cook Books have great receipes and advice to help.

Can you help me get my confidence back?

YES - We have all been there, that's why we have the experience to get you back on track.

Why choose our plans?

There is a much higher chance of you making your desired progress in every area of your training and weight loss than doing it on your own, it’s like having your personal trainer in your pocket to motivate and guide you every step of the way.

Can you help me get stronger?

We can explore ways of achieving this with you, in most cases this is possible.

Are there any other costs involved?

Not unless you wish to buy more books, buy another plan or purchase something at the gym.

What would you recommend to change my diet?

Good health is all about balance. We focus on training your body through exercise and diet.

What if I need more support and weight loss advice?

Choose one of the premium service Platinum Personal Training options of 10 or 20 sessions.

What health should we be in for FamilyFit?

When you sign up for FamilyFit, you are declaring that all family members taking part in FamilyFit are in good health and are safe to perform the exercises emailed to you.You also indemnify 'Andrew Gordon', 'The Lean Trainer', 'Andrew Gordon The Lean Trainer', 'FamilyFit' and all other associations with your purchase from any unforeseen injuries, claims, legal claims, death or any other eventuality as exercise is performed at your own risk in your own home.

Looking to change your diet for a healthier lifestyle?

Andrew has put together great cook books with calorie counted recipes to keep clients in a good place with their food.

The Leaner Lifestyle Cook Book Cover
The Leaner Lifestyle 21 Vegetarian Recipe Cook Book Cover
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You can find Andrew at The Warehouse Health Club

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Normal business hours: 24/7

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